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Why Sell On Amazon?

In your opinion, which traffic is the most valuable to sell your products? Many would see Google with Adwords as a platform in the first place. Google is the largest search engine and can offer you a lot of traffic. However, it is a fact that most of the traffic created by Google has the intention to search for information. The buying intention of the visitors, who become aware of your products through this source, is therefore relatively low. Another source of traffic is Facebook, currently the largest social network. But here too, it can be said that the visitors you receive from this source have the goal of maintaining social contacts with other people. As a result, the quality of traffic to sell products is very low here as well, as buying is not a given intention.

What other major source of traffic is there? At Amazon, you can show your product to 340 million active users who intend to buy. On Amazon you will find the highest quality traffic for sales that you can currently use.

Your Amazon Agency With Guaranteed Success!

Are you already selling on Amazon, but are not making enough sales with PPC advertising or organic searches? Do you use Amazon’s Sponsored Products option, but don’t get the results you want? Do other Amazon dealers sell your own branded products more successfully than you do yourself?

We are the product managers and Amazon PPC experts you are looking for. We will analyze each of your products and recommend solutions. We know the problems that many Amazon dealers have, and we know how to deal with them and how sales keep going on.

Amazon SEO Expertise And Targeted Strategies

More importantly, we can optimize every Amazon listing for you with SEO strategies and the use of our own developed mechanics to create a broad presence in the Amazon search engine that leads each offer to the right buyers who search specific keywords.

We also find the right solutions by providing diagnosis and prognosis for each individual product listing for which you need our services. One of your most favorite tools is Quantify Ninja (Sign-up yourself for a free 30-day-trial).

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What We Do For You

The first step is to optimize your product listings, because that is the only way the Amazon search engine can understand your product. Of course, the terms used by customers in the Amazon search are important – the keywords. We carefully select the Amazon keywords and use the terms with the highest search volume based on the data of the last 30 days. This enables the search engine to show your product to potential buyers who enter a search query.

The second step is to create an Amazon ad campaign that is optimized to show your product to the right buyers.

Statistics on your product will then tell the Amazon search engine that your offer is relevant for the specified search term. The search engine will test your ad in order to place it optimally. As this happens, Amazon collects data on display frequency and generated clicks. This means that your product is more relevant to certain keywords and therefore has the privilege of achieving more sales in a good position. Why Amazon does this for your product? Amazon wants to show good-selling products in the best possible way, because Amazon earns its share with each of your sales!

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What We Charge For Amazon Optimization

Based on our experience as an Amazon Agency we can give you an overview of the best process.

  1. First step: We make a price analysis for your product and lay down the budgets.
    • Product Landed Cost – 25% of selling price
    • Amazon Fees – 20% of selling price
    • Advertising Spend – 30% of selling price
    • Net Profit – 25% of selling price

    This means ROI with 100% net profit over landed cost. To monitor performance, we look at Total Ad Spend over Gross Sales. The Performance metrics should be less than 30% over time.

  2. The second step is to optimize your product listing, which takes about 10 hours of work and we charge $250 USD for it.
  3. The third step is the Amazon PPC Optimization for your products, which also takes 10 hours of work and we charge $250 USD.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are absolutely certain that we will significantly increase your sales and therefor your turnover after only 1 month. However, we are of course aware that a basis of trust must first be established. So, for you to keep calm from the very beginning on, we assure you a money-back guarantee.

Long-term Success In Sales On Amazon

Our initial Amazon optimization lays the foundation for success. In order to achieve high sales on a sustained basis, the development of each product must continue to be monitored and details coordinated accordingly. Most of our clients agree on a percentage on gross sales to accomplish this.

Talk to us about it! We will be happy to answer your questions and explain our process.

Your Amazon Consultant: Mr. Aloysius Galvez